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Saguaro Sabercats Lift-A-Thon

WELCOME TO OUR 2ND ANNUAL SABERCAT FOOTBALL LIFT-A-THON! Special guests, The AZ Cardinals, AZ Cardinal Cheerleaders and Big Red! 

The Lift-A-Thon will take place July 10th from 9am-11am.  All donation forms will be due July 8th and money/pledges will need to be turned in no later than Monday, July 21st.  

Here is how it works: The Lift-A-Thon will consist of three lifts: hang clean, bench, and squat.  Players will solicit sponsors who can either give your player a per pound total (all 3 lifts added together) sponsorship or a flat rate just for participating.

You will find a sponsor sheet with a sample line highlighted.  CLICK HERE to print the donation form and help your son find sponsors.

This is not limited to just players…….Parents, Sabercat alumni, coaches on staff can participate as well.  The more participates the more money brought into the Touchdown Club to support our players!.  The pros far outweigh the cons; better health, stronger bodies, empathy for our players, perhaps some friendly competition and more money for the program……take a leap of faith and start training today!

Print up and fill out as many sponsor sheets as you need.   The coaching staff will also have these forms on hand during summer ball.

If  you have any questions please call Donna Casey 602-282-4961 or Steve Casey 623-866-2974.

Let’s make this the best and most profitable lift-a-thon we have ever had!



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